Services We Provide

Be Good Ventures, LLC offers a growing list of services for those
attempting to improve their professional lives.  They are explained in
more detail below.
Joe and Wanda on Management Web Log -

This is your opportunity to get some free "words of wisdom" from not
one, but two famous managers (albeit cartoon characters!).  Both are
featured in Nick McCormick’s books. It's a humorous, and at times
educational look at some common situations that impact today's

Management Tips Podcast Series -

Nick McCormick hosts a podcast series where he interviews
management and leadership thought leaders who provide tips for the
management practitioner.

Book Reviews -

The staff at Be Good Ventures has reviewed a collection of
management and self help books.  More will continue to be added.  If
you'd like to cut through the plethora of books available and the hype
that surrounds them, check out these free, informative reviews.

Consulting -

Are you a manager on a treadmill struggling to hang on?  Are you
looking to get to the next level?  Are you trying to find meaning in your
job - your career?  Are you in the midst of a career change and
confused about next steps?  

Are you a first line manager looking to get more out of your
management team?  Are you a manager of managers looking to do
the same?

Maybe we can help.  Click the link above to learn more.

When all is said and
done, there's a lot more
said than done.

Take action.  Be Good!
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