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Be Good Ventures, LLC offers a growing list of products for those
attempting to improve their professional lives.  They are explained in
more detail below.
Book - Acting Up Brings Everyone Down Discover the
benefits of abandoning petty childish behaviors and instead
embracing more childlike attributes of wide-eyed wonder, creativity
and innocence.

Book - Lead Well and Prosper  Are you a manager looking to
improve. Get your copy of Nick McCormick’s book,
Lead Well and
Prosper. and get started.

Be Good Ventures T-Shirt  Joe and Wanda, the stars of Lead
Well and Prosper  and Acting Up Brings Everyone Down, have their
own T-Shirt! Pick one up today.

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Lead Well and Prosper
15 Successful Strategies
for Becoming a Good
"Lead Well and Prosper
is a powerful little book
that can reap huge
rewards in your personal
and professional life.  I
especially enjoy Nick's
action plans!"
Lead Well and Prosper
Pat Croce, entrepreneur,
motivational speaker, and
New York Times best
selling author
Acting Up Brings
Everyone Down
The Impacts of Childish
Behavior in the Workplace
“Once again Nick has
produced an engaging,
offering of essential
workplace advice, and
this time for all of us.
Another winner by the
author of
Lead Well and
. A must read for
everyone who works.”
Jim Stroup, author of
Managing Leaderhip is Fine
Acting Up Brings Everyone Down