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Are You a Manager or a Host?

24 February, 2013 (17:53) | Leadership, Management, Productivity, Strategy/Goals | By: Administrator

I’m not a bit fan of the “reality-based” shows that litter the television programming landscape these days, but recently I stumbled upon a show from which I was able to glean some value.

The show is called, “Bar Rescue.” Each episode, expert bar consultant Jon Taffer, helps revitalize an underperforming bar. In the episode that I watched, Jon asks the manager of the bar, “Are you a good manager?” Naturally, the manager answers, “Yes, I surely am.” Jon then asks the manager a series of fundamental questions about the performance of the business, and the manager is not able to answer any of them.

Jon then loudly proclaims, “You’re not a manager, you’re a host.” Followed by, “You are a failure.” Naturally this doesn’t go over too well with the manager, but in the end, the manager comes to realize that he has abdicated the core of his responsibilities and he accepts and embraces Jon’s tutelage.

Thoughts Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: I’m not a manager or a host. Rather, I’m a leader. As a leader, I do wear many hats, to include my manager hat, and yes, even my host hat. Further, no hot-shot consultant knows my business better than I do.

Wanda B. Goode: One of the questions I’ve been asked by my manager in the past is, “Is your team better this year than they were last year?” After answering with the obligatory, “Yes,” I got hit with the follow-up, “How do you know?”

If you don’t have performance measures (and yes, every team can have performance measures), how can you prove you are better?

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Comment from Bill Matthies
Time: March 4, 2013, 3:50 pm

Let me give you another way to consider the value of reality show content, at least for two of them.

Both leadership and “followership” (funny we don’t think about that isn’t it?) are in evidence on both “Survivor” and “Big Brother”.

Leaders, followers, managers, employees, manipulators, creators, destroyers, liars, trusting, trustful, reliable, all that and more, simultaneously motivated by what is best for the group as well as the individual.

Exchange the office for a beach (”Survivor”) or the confined residence (”Big Brother”) and brief cases for bathing suits, and it’s pretty much the same.

Comment from Administrator
Time: March 5, 2013, 8:48 pm

So there’s something to be learned even when we least expect it! Thanks for the comment Bill.

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