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Joe Kerr and Wanda B. Goode, two characters from Nick McCormick’s book, “Lead Well and Prosper,” dispense their management wisdom

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Month: May, 2013

Managers, Lead from Behind

29 May, 2013 (22:01) | Leadership, Management, Servant Leadersip | By: Administrator

In his book Tipping Sacred Cows, Jake Breeden provides some leadership advice…

Perhaps you were attracted to leadership because you wanted to stand and deliver inspiration to a room full of people. That may be your need. But true leaders put the needs of their people and their organizations above their own. Before you give that fiery speech to your team, ask if they need it. If you feel the need to motivate some people, maybe you can volunteer to coach a youth sports team. Sometimes leaders are better leading from the back of the room. As Nelson Mandela said, “Put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.”

Thoughts Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: I must admit, that I am a reluctant leader. I wasn’t so much attracted to leadership as leadership was attracted to me.

Wanda B. Goode: I’m with Mandela, although leading from behind has gotten a bad rap recently with President Obama’s adopting the strategy as part of his foreign policy. It is being characterized as weakness. Not sure if this is a fair assessment or not, but in general, it does appear we mistakenly favor bold, brash leaders that tend to be more bluster than substance.

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First Step in Managing Change

5 May, 2013 (22:45) | Leadership, Management, Podcast - Management Tips | By: Administrator

Wooden Nickel - Management Tips 4

Bill Matthies, CEO of Coyote Insight, explains the importance of knowing your people and assessing their ability to change. Listen to this 10 minute podcast to find out more.

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