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Month: October, 2012

Unleash Creativity Through Repetition

13 October, 2012 (12:02) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

In their book, Practice Perfect, Authors Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, and Katie Yezzi make the case that repetition unlocks creativity. They reference legendary basketball coach, John Wooden – “Drilling creates a foundation on which individual initiative and imagination can flourish.”

It’s based on the premise that once you’ve mastered a series of rote tasks, you do them without thinking. This frees up your mind to focus on other things. They explain that this is why some of our most creative ideas come when we are in the shower, or out for a run. Our unconscious mind executes the repetitive steps while our conscious mind is free to wander.

Thoughts, Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: That explains why I do some of my best work on the crapper.

Wanda B. Goode: Thanks so much for that visual, Joe. This certainly is an interesting concept. Seems a bit counterintuitive, but it makes sense. This same premise also seems to apply to learning fundamentals. It seems that without mastering the basics the ability to develop creative solutions is thwarted.

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