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Month: February, 2012

No Change, No Change

14 February, 2012 (22:27) | Leadership, Management, Personal Development | By: Administrator

Magician, Giovanni Livera, spoke at a conference that I attended last week. The topic was, “Anything is Possible.” The message was spot on, and Gio’s delivery was very entertaining. Toward the end of the presentation, Gio had everyone in the audience repeat the chant, “No change, no change.” He made the point that we all learned something that day, but if we returned to work and didn’t act on what we learned, nothing would change. We need to do things differently if we expect different results. No change, no change.

Thoughts Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: Interesting. I say the same thing to the panhandlers down town. I don’t think they’ve ever picked up on the duel meaning. By the way, would you like to see me pull a rabbit out of one of my many managerial hats?

Wanda B. Goode: Well said, Giovanni. All the training in the world won’t help unless we act on it.

Here’s a link to Giovanni’s web site: Giovanni Experiences

2012 February Leadership Development Carnival

6 February, 2012 (21:29) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

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