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Month: October, 2011

People: Greatest Asset or Greatest Liability

27 October, 2011 (21:37) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

We’ve all heard CEOs talk about how people are their greatest assets. The actions of their companies may not always support those words, but let’s save that topic for another post.

In his book, Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell enhances the phrase a bit by saying that the most important asset in your company is having the “right” people on your team, and the greatest liability could very well be having the “wrong” people on your team.

Thoughts Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: I’m heavily leveraged!

Wanda B. Goode: Amen. The people are the key. They can shoot your company to the top, or torpedo it to the bottom.

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Managers, Brainsteer Your Way to Breakthrough Ideas

17 October, 2011 (21:53) | Leadership, Management, Podcast - Management Tips | By: Administrator

Wooden Nickel - Management Tips 4

Need some new ideas? Author of Brainsteering, Shawn Coyne, tells us to forget the brainstorming. It’s much more effective to direct our creative energy by Brainsteering. Listen in to find out more.

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Think Outside the Box?

11 October, 2011 (21:30) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

Here’s another tidbit from the preface of Dov Seidman’s new book, How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything. To those managers that ask their people to think outside the box, thinking it’s a compliment, Dov says, “In my mind, it’s an insult. If you trusted your people, you wouldn’t put them in a box in the first place.”

Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: I’m going to have to ask that we please not mess with the sanctity of buzzwords. What’s next? Is “blocking and tackling” going to fall out of favor because it’s too violent?

Wanda B. Goode: Most people don’t seem to need any help with getting boxed in. In many cases, it’s self inflicted. It’s easy to get stuck into a routine, for instance. With that said, I like the perspective. Managers should certainly work to create environments where creative thinking is encouraged and expected.

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2011 October Leadership Development Carnival

3 October, 2011 (21:42) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

Lynn Dessert hosts the August, 2011 Leadership Development Carnival at her site, Elephants at Work. Sample the dozens of management and leadership articles posted this month.