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Joe Kerr and Wanda B. Goode, two characters from Nick McCormick’s book, “Lead Well and Prosper,” dispense their management wisdom

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Month: September, 2011

Sustainable Behavior

26 September, 2011 (21:22) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

In the preface of his book, How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything, Dov Seidman mentions how closely the theory of sustainable behavior relates to classical Chinese philosophy. He relays the following Confucian tenet: “Laws control the lesser man, but right conduct controls the greater man.” Substitute “company” for “man” and there you have it!

Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: I love the one my detailer uses… “He who will not simonize will agonize.” Didn’t realize Confucius was into cars.

Wanda B. Goode: Apparently, we need more laws!

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Leadership Commitments

19 September, 2011 (21:36) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

Jeff, one of the main characters in David Cottrell’s book, Monday Morning Leadership, provides a list of his leadership commitments

  • I am responsible for my actions and my team’s performance, no matter what the circumstances.
  • I keep the main thing the main thing.
  • I have a positive relationship with my boss.
  • I escape from management land and stay in tune with my people.
  • I recognize and reward superstar activity.
  • I address problems in a pro-active manner.
  • I do what’s right even when no one is watching.
  • I realize that everything I do counts toward my leadership score.
  • I hire tough.
  • I am an excellent time manager.
  • I fill other’s buckets.
  • I live in the learning zone.
  • I am a positive role model for others.

Thoughts, Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: He forgot, “I am Mother Theresa!”

Wanda B. Goode:That’s a fine list. David’s got a lot of good stuff in that little book of his.

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The Manager’s Attitude

13 September, 2011 (22:26) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

In his book, Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell tells a story about attitude. It goes something like this…

A bunch of people line up around the perimeter of a field and are instructed to throw their problems into the middle of the field. After all the problems are thrown in, each person has the choice of which problems to pick up and take home. Most end up picking up their own problems and going home, realizing that their problems weren’t that bad after all.

Thoughts, Joe and Wanda?

Joe Kerr: Interesting. It seems I ended up taking mine as well as everyone else’s. I guess that’s the role of the manager, huh?

Wanda B. Goode:Joe has a good point. As managers, we do seem to take on quite a few problems. As the story suggests, though, it’s important to keep things in perspective. The way we approach problems is critical. Problem solving can be exhilarating, but if there are too many problems, it can be overwhelming and suffocating. Keeping our chins up helps. It’s also okay to ask for assistance every once in a while.

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2011 September Leadership Development Carnival

6 September, 2011 (22:11) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

Dan McCarthy hosts the September, 2011 Leadership Development Carnival at his Great Leadership site. Sample the dozens of management and leadership articles posted this month.