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Month: November, 2008

“Ask More Questions” — Listen to Win a Free T-Shirt

27 November, 2008 (23:01) | Leadership, Management, Podcast - Management Tips | By: Administrator

Wooden Nickel - Management Tips 4

Phil Dourado is our guest on this 8 minute Management Tips Podcast. Phil’s tip – Lead by asking questions.

Listen to the podcast, post a comment, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free Be Good Ventures T-Shirt featuring Joe and Wanda. Three T-Shirts will be awarded.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Mike, Kate, and Dolas. You are the lucky winners of a Be Good Ventures T-Shirt. Thanks to all those that participated.

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Reid’s Dirty Deed

26 November, 2008 (02:23) | Communication, Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

It’s been an interesting sports week in Philadelphia. Last Sunday, Eagle’s coach Andy Reid benched quarterback Donovan McNabb after the first half. Donavan was playing poorly, but the Eagles were only down 10 to 7. They still had a chance to win the game and keep their slim playoffs hopes alive. Many remain perplexed by the move to yank a former Pro-Bowl quarterback, in favor of a backup with 9 professional snaps to his credit. More disturbing though is the way that Coach Reid handled the situation. McNabb has been the quarterback of the Eagles for the last 10 years. Prior to this, he had never been pulled from a game. Instead of taking Donovan aside and informing him of his decision and the reason for it, Andy had one of his assistant coaches deliver the news to him. To make matters worse, Andy didn’t tell anyone else on the team of the change. They found out when replacement, Kevin Kolb, ran out on the field instead of Donovan.

Doesn’t seem like conduct befitting a good leader does it?

Joe Kerr: Don’t be too hard on Big Red. He, like most of us leaders, has a lot on his mind. He probably had to rush to grab a burger during half time too. It’s not like he can eat on the sidelines. And, it was good training for that assistant coach – a good way to break him in.

Wanda B. Goode: That’s just sad. I’ve also seen similar scenarios in the business world. Just the other day I had a client tell me that his company held a meeting to announced a major reorganization. Unfortunately, those affected were not informed beforehand. They found out when everyone else did. Think of the devastating impact this lack of communication has on organizations.

Most people don’t like to deal with uncomfortable situations. They clam up and just hope for the best, or they delegate the “dirty work” to someone else. Good managers realize that they must address difficult situations. They make a conscious choice to gravitate to the uncomfortable and do what is right.

For some advice on dealing with critical conversations, click on one of the links below.

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Get the Muck out of People’s Way!

21 November, 2008 (00:40) | Leadership, Management, Podcast - Management Tips | By: Administrator

Wooden Nickel - Management Tips 4

If you’ve got 7 1/2 minutes to spare, listen to Lisa Haneberg’s Management Tip — Have a sense of urgency. Do something every day to make it easier for your group to do its job.

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Addressing Performance Issues

18 November, 2008 (23:20) | Leadership, Management, Problem Performance | By: Administrator

There are so many managers out there that have never coached anyone through a performance issue. Is it because they are such wonderful managers and play to people’s strengths? No, it’s not. There are a lot of employees out there that simply aren’t doing a very good job. Unfortunately they don’t know it. No one tells them. Why? Too busy? That’s the convenient excuse. The main reason is that it’s uncomfortable to deliver the message, so managers just avoid it.

Joe and Wanda, how can we improve upon this situation?

Joe Kerr: I’m having a déjà vu moment here. I know we’ve addressed this topic before. Are we running out of things to talk about already? I’ll repeat what I believe I said before. I just can’t be bothered with all the HR crap. I just shuttle the duds over to my tree hugging colleague. He takes ‘em all in. Makes my job a lot easier.

Wanda B. Goode: One thing that I think would help me with the discomfort a bit would be to go through the process with my manager. If he showed me the right way to do it – led the discussion in meetings, showed the right way to document, shepherded me through creation and execution of a restoration plan, etc. it would really help.

It would be time consuming for my boss, but it would be well worth it to me. I know it’s my responsibility to address performance issues. I’d just like to have a little guidance. Do you think Joe would help me with that?

Below are a couple of other interesting links on the topic.

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Draw Out Employee Strengths

14 November, 2008 (00:33) | Leadership, Management, Podcast - Management Tips | By: Administrator

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Get engaged with David Zinger’s Management Tip to draw out employee strengths. Listen to the podcast below.

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John Wooden Quote

11 November, 2008 (22:00) | Leadership, Management | By: Administrator

Wooden Quote

Recently, legendary basketball coach John Wooden was interviewed in Toastmasters Magazine. There were many valuable leadership tidbits spread throughout, but the closing paragraph really struck a cord.

I think we are all guilty at times of wanting things to happen a certain way but not doing everything we are capable of to help that become a reality. We just want it to. And that’s not life. That shouldn’t be life.

I love this quote because it’s about taking responsibility. There is no shortage of whiners in the workplace, but my guess is there is a shortage of those willing to do what it takes to make things better.

Joe Kerr: Agreed. I happen to be in the latter camp – always working to make things better. That’s how I got where I am today. I just wish there were more people like me out there.

Wanda B. Goode: That prompts me to ask as series of questions… Am I a whiner? Am I fostering whining in others? What can I do to foster a culture of accountability? How can I create an atmosphere where people feel empowered and motivated to improve things?

To read the entire article check out Craig Harrison’s site, Expressions of Excellence

How to Stay Employed

7 November, 2008 (01:04) | Personal Development, Podcast - Management Tips, Training | By: Administrator

Wooden Nickel - Management Tips 4

Michael Krigsman offers up some advice on how to stay employed in these challenging economic times. Although the focus is on those in the IT field, the advice can apply to just about anyone. If you have about 7 minutes to spare, listen in.

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