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Month: August, 2006

Boss’ Day Gift?

26 August, 2006 (14:00) | Workplace Dynamics | By: Administrator

Boss’ day is just around the corner – October 16th, is it?   A question on the minds of some during this time period is, “What should I get my boss for Boss’ day?”  We checked in with Joe Kerr and Wanda B. Goode to get their take.

Joe Kerr:  What’s Boss’ Day? Listen, if you want to kiss up to the boss, you can do that any day! And if you’re giving a gift, it better be good. Keep those inspirational plaques for your office. Tickets to a ball game work for me every time. Hey, and don’t forget the parking voucher! 

Wanda B. Goode:  Right of wrong, I’ve always been of the opinion that gift giving should be done from the top down, not vice-versa. First, the boss is in a better position financially to give a gift. Second, when a boss gives a gift to a subordinate, it typically comes out of an expense account.

However, with that said, I would not dismiss gift giving to the boss out of hand. It really depends on a couple of things. First, what are the boss’ expectations? Second, if the boss does expect to receive a gift, how important are your aspirations to climb up the organization? If you don’t know the answer to the first question, ask the admin. S/He’s in a good position to help you with a choice of a gift as well, if necessary.