"When I first got serious about the craft of writing, I purchased a copy
of Strunk and White's Elements of Style. Thin, highly readable, and
practical, it became a constant companion during writing projects. If
you are looking for a similar book on management, I recommend Nick
Lead Well and Prosper."
-- Stan Ward, Author, “Idea Leadership”

"Lead Well and Prosper is a quick read, user friendly and uses humor
and story telling to convey key points. This book not only shows
managers what the "right things" are to do as managers, but it offers
practical, ready-to-execute actions… The key points are dead-on-
accurate. I especially loved the names of the fictional characters Joe
Kerr, Wanda B. Goode, Lee Dergood, etc. Funny stuff….Buy a few
copies of this book  and give them to your managers. And read it
-- Mark Willaman, CEO, Fisher Vista, LLC, the owners of HRmarketer.

"Nick’s work here has produced a book that is simple by design, and
significant in potential impact. Readers will universally agree that,
“yep, I should do that” and be compelled to ask, “why don’t I do
-- Rod Cleary, Senior Manager, Process Quality Assurance, Sallie

"Lead Well and Prosper is a teaching book... it gives you advice on
how to handle much of the tactical, day to day processes of being a
manager... This book could easily be used as a leadership training
-- Lance Haun, Author, “Your HR Guy,”  

"Lead Well and Prosper is very easy to read and the "role playing" is
a great teaching method.  I found myself inserting "real" people that I
have encountered over the years into a lot of the roles in the
examples.  It’s a great book for young managers and students as well
as a great reminder for the more experience managers."  
-- Bill Roth, President, Chester County SHRM

"Lead Well and Prosper is a terrific guide for new managers and
offers some reminders to seasoned professionals…go buy the book
in bulk and force your junior managers to consume it whole.  Then
test them.  Then reinforce its principals.  Then examine your own
management and see if you pass the test."
-- Mark Stelzner, Principal/Founder - Inflexion Advisors

"This book provides an important reminder on how to conduct
yourself in a way that will make you and your team better.  Most good
leaders, whether they be coaches, players, managers or CEOs, learn
to master their own behavior first, before they try to lead others.  This
book is a quick and entertaining read that will reinforce the
importance of building the right leadership habits into your daily life."   
-- Fran Dunphy, Head Coach, Temple University Men's Basketball

"This is a great little book full of wisdom for managers & leaders,
especially those that are taking on their first management position.  It’
s an easy read and covers the basics to help set the new leader
down the right path."
-- Eric D. Brown, Author, “Eric D. Brown: Aligning Technology,
Strategy, People & Projects”

"I’ve read a lot of books on management, and too often they’re
gimmicky and theoretical.  What I liked about this title was that it was
short, conversational, and to the point… the book includes concrete
and realistic actions readers can take tomorrow to become better
-- Alexandra Levit, Business Author and Consultant

"In this very easy to read book, Nick McCormick provides 15 little
gems on how to be a good manager. Nick introduces each gem with a
real life situation. He then gets to the essential core of each learning
and ends with the dos and don'ts and specific action items. There is
much in here for both people new to managing and those that have
been at it a while. What I like most is Nick's insights into the people
side of management; a side that is generally paid lip service by
ineffective managers. I also like how each gem is given in a bite-sized
chunk so that a manager can easily take one dose each day."
-- Leslie Allan, Director, Business Performance P/L

"Lead Well and Prosper provides useful direction for product
managers working hard to lead their teams to success. Nearly all the
strategies can be applied to making you more effective in your work
as a product manager, and building your credibility as a leader."
-- Michael Ray Hopkin, Author, Lead on Purpose

"Lead Well and Prosper isn’t just for managers or leaders. It’s not
even just for people who want to become a manager or leader. This
book addresses challenges that we all face in the workplace, so I
think any professional in any industry will enjoy it and put it to good
-- Simon Stapleton, Author, 10 Habits of Highly Effective IT

"IT Professionals, http://www.simonstapleton.com  Lead Well and
Prosper is a straightforward, common sense leadership guide for
new managers...It’s easy to read. Simple to understand and designed
in a way that makes it helpful as a reference when you need a quick
refresher on the points."
-- Bill Bennet, journalist, editor, publisher

"There are a lot of books on leadership out there and they do begin to
sound similar after awhile, but
Lead Well and Prosper is a welcome
change. Rather than start with a questionable model or theory, Nick
goes right to the practices that make for “good” management, and
they are all sound because they come from someone that’s been
there…I would recommend
Lead Well and Prosper to all managers,
not just new ones.  I think a lot of bosses out there will see
themselves in Joe Kerr, and become a bit more self-reflective as a
-- Charles Jacobs, founder of Amherst Consulting Group. Author,
Management Rewired

"More than a guide, the book turns out to be a friend… all in all, if you
wish to improve your management skills, I totally recommend this
-- Mag Herrera, author of “Life, Money, and Development.”

"What a breath of fresh air! Nick McCormick has managed to write a
book about effective leadership that’s not corny or condescending!
“Lead Well and Prosper” is a quick read, making it perfect for the “I’
m too busy for that” boss. Each chapters ends with to-do and don’t-
do lists, making it perfect for the “I don’t read prose” boss, too! His
concise writing style makes management problems clear and the
solutions even clearer. I’m convinced that McCormick has been job-
shadowing me because his workplace examples are eerily realistic."
-- Jessica Journey, Non-profit professional
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