About Us
The world has met its mediocrity
quota... Be Good!
About Our Business


At Be Good Ventures, we are not satisfied with being average.  Rather we
endeavor to be good at what we do.   Our aim is to assist those of similar
mindset in their quest to do the same.  In fact, when we help others to be good,
we have succeeded in being good.  


Believe, Begin, Be Good!

First, believe that you can improve, that you can achieve. Without belief that you
can be better, that you can make a difference, there will be little impetus to

Next - act. Get out of your comfort zone and do something. You can read all the
books in the world, talk a wonderful game, and plan like a maniac, but until you
act, you won’t get any positive results.

Getting started is a major step, but it’s not enough. Next comes the
commitment and perseverance to sustain your efforts and perform them well –
to be good at what you do. Being good is not just about performance. It’s also
about being a solid citizen and doing what is right. It’s about being a good

Believe, Begin, Be Good is a call to action and sustained achievement
governed by a sense of stewardship. Heed the call!


What sets Be Good Ventures and book publishing arm, Be Good Publishing,
apart from the competition?  First, at its core, our focus is on action.  Products
and Service offerings stress actions that can be taken immediately to improve.  
We are not  about wowing people with profound leadership theory.  Rather, we
give people the tools to succeed and the impetus to actually use those tools.

Although there are many that can benefit from our offerings, our primary focus is
on mid-level managers.   In general, people prefer to take advice/direction from
those that have “walked a mile in their moccasins.”  We have "walked the
walk."  Mid-level management is our area of expertise.

In most cases, learning is difficult.  However, the pains can by lessened with
humor.  We strive to keep things light and inject levity into the learning process.  
Managers do some ridiculous things.  We need to be able to laugh at
ourselves, and recognize the need to improve  

Why just Good?

Frequently, we get the question, “why just good?”  Why not Be Great Ventures?  
Shouldn't one aspire to greatness?  Well, being good is not easy.  It takes hard
work, persistence and quite a few other positive attributes.  That’s why there are
so few people that are truly good at their craft.  Further, if you are successful at
achieving goodness in the various aspects of your life (manager, employee,
parent, friend, etc.), that is great.   

If you are a manager trying to improve, if you are facing a career change, or if
you are struggling to find balance in your life, we would like to help.  Please take
a look at our growing list of products and services.  We look forward to the
opportunity to assist you.

Believe, Begin, Be Good!  
V  E  N  T  U  R  E  S  ,  L  L  C