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Joe and Wanda Blog

This is your opportunity to get inside the heads of not one, but two
famous managers.  Both are featured in Nick McCormick’s books,
Lead Well and Prosper and Acting Up Brings Everyone Down. Both are
pictured to the right.

Joe Kerr (aka Joker) is a 15 year veteran of people management.  
Some may say he’s a bit cynical, others realistic.  You be the judge.

Wanda B. Goode doesn’t have as many years experience as Joe.  In
fact, Joe would consider her quite green.  However, she does have a
fire and passion for managing and leading people and is constantly
seeking to improve.

Joe and Wanda are busy people, but every attempt will be made to
update posts and respond to your thoughtful comments and questions.

So, go ahead, click
here and enter the worlds of Joe Kerr and Wanda B.

Please keep in mind that the dispensers of wisdom are cartoon
characters!  Click on the
disclaimer for more information.
V  E  N  T  U  R  E  S  ,  L  L  C