Book Reviews
Title: Creating the Vital Organization: Balancing
Short-Term Profits with Long-Term Success
Author: Scott M. Brooks and Jeffrey M. Saltzman
Stars: ***

In order for a company to survive it must focus on the here-and-now while
also focusing on long-term success. Take one's eye off the short-term and
the long-term doesn't matter, because the company will quickly go out of
business. Lose focus on the long-term and it won't belong before the
company becomes obsolete and suffers a similar fate.

Authors, Scott Brooks and Jeffrey Saltzman call companies that create the
right balance between the short and long-term “vital organizations.” Their
book outlines steps to both become and remain vital organizations.

The 15 chapters address everything from setting strategy to making
effective decisions to handling change and the importance incorporating
story telling. In other words, the book addresses how to lead an
organization effectively.

The authors point out that although they lay out a formula (chapter 14
contains a step-by-step guide), there is no quick fix. It takes dedicated
commitment and discipline to “constantly seek improvement to current
performance while simultaneously developing future potential.”

Give this one a read to uncover and rediscover some vital techniques for
improving your organization.
V  E  N  T  U  R  E  S  ,  L  L  C