Book Reviews
Title: Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases
Through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation
Author: Jez Humble and David Farley
Stars: ****

This book is specifically for those in the information technology field. It's written for
developers, testers, administrators, and managers. All can benefit.

Those involved in software development should be familiar with agile
development methodologies and the additional activities that are integral to
realizing the benefits of iterative development, like automated testing, continuous
integration, and pipeline automation. Taken together, these components
constitute continuous delivery.

The goal is push button deployment. Press a button and code is checked in,
compiled and tested, configurations are set, data is migrated, environments are
readied, and code is released to production. The benefits stem largely from the
drastically shorter time from concept to release as well as increased reliability.

The authors demonstrate how to achieve continuous delivery whether you work at
a start-up or an organization with a large embedded code base with more
traditional development and operations practices. Yes, incremental improvement
is possible, and not all organization achieve complete automation. The book is
very comprehensive, getting down to the code level in some instances. When
impractical to go deeper on certain topics, addition materials are referenced.   

This is recommended reading material for anyone contemplating a move to
continuous delivery and/or anyone seeking to understand its components better.
It will surprise and make believers of the old-timers that are steeped in waterfall
development methodologies.
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