Book Reviews
Title: Big Bang Disruption: Strategy in the Age of
Devastating Innovation
Author: Larry Downes and Paul Nunes
Stars: ****

About 15 years ago, Clayton Christensen wrote a book called the Innovator’s
Dilemma and introduced the term “disruptive innovation.” The authors of this
book maintain that recent advances in technology have taken disruptive
innovation to a whole new level. They call it “Big Bang Disruption.”

It is not unusual for products to appear out of nowhere to completely dominate
markets and vanquish incumbents, who never realize what hit them. After a few
weeks on top of the world the products typically flame out, as they are replaced
by newer products that are better and cheaper.   

The bell curve commonly used for product adoption no longer applies. It has
been replaced by what the authors refer to as the “shark fin” dominated by a
steep rise (“The Big Bang”) and fall (“The Big Crunch”).

The authors explain the new product adoption characteristics and then provide
tips to survive and possibly even thrive in this new market paradigm. The
dynamics have changed and managers would be wise to get on board before
they get run over.
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