Book Reviews
Title: And I Breathed: My Journey from a Life of Matter to a
Life that Matters
Author: Jason Garner
Stars: ***

Through a series of essays, Jason Garner takes the reader on his life journey.
Through a combination of hard work, focus, and moxie, he ascends from a flee
market parking attendant to become CEO of a concert promotion company.

On the surface, Jason is living the dream. Something is missing though. It takes
his mother passing for him to realize that despite the material success, he is not
happy. Jason decides to go on a quest to discover the meaning of life. He seeks
to answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “Who is God?”

Garner goes at this pursuit with the same intensity and vigor that has made him a
successful businessman. He reads voraciously and visits with various experts
and gurus. Throughout his adventures, Garner bears his soul, sharing his
strengths, weaknesses, and various seminal moments that have shaped his life.

It's a feel-good read with some laughs and a healthy dose of business and life
lessons. The reader may not buy into all the answers that Garner comes up with,
but there is no doubt that Garner has found his recipe for happiness and there
are definite benefits to tagging along to share the ride.
V  E  N  T  U  R  E  S  ,  L  L  C