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- Nick McCormick was interviewed by Jay McKeever on his
Expert Access Radio Show.
- Be Good Publishing entered into its fourth foreign rights deal for "Lead Well &Prosper" with a
company in India. In addition to English, LW&P is also available in Russian, Spanish, and
- Nick's latest book,
Acting Up Brings Everyone Down, is now available. Pick up a copy here or at your
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- Greg Voisen interviewed Nick about his new book,
Acting Up Brings Everyone Down, on his Inside
Personal Growth Podcast.
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- Nick has an interview series called
Management Tips on the Joe and Wanda Blog. Listen to dozens
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- Listen to an interview with Nick McCormick on
The Team Approach's Meet the Author
- New book review,
Creating the Vital Organization, by Scott M. Brooks and Jeffrey M. Saltzman
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Lead Well and Prosper
Lead Well And Prosper
Stand out from the crowd...  Be Good!
V  E  N  T  U  R  E  S  ,  L  L  C
15 Successful Strategies
for Becoming a Good
Acting Up Brings
Everyone Down
The Impacts of Childish
Behavior in the Workplace
Acting Up Brings Everyone Down